So Graphiste Freelance, it is two graphic designer dedicated to make your comunication support, graphic, print, web and digital. We garantee you a creative and professional result while considering your needs and your budget. Flexible, our services can be perfomed remotely or on premises for a greater availability.

Sophie ENSEL
Graphic Designer
Founder SO Graphiste Freelance

I’ve started this journey a little over two years ago with a company simply named “Sophie Ensel”. The increasing of projects and the trust granted by my clients allowed me to evolve in the new structure that is So Graphiste Freelance SARL. Attached to the same values that led me so far, I always do my work with great commitment and attention in order to pursue the work relationship that I have with the people who followed me from the beginning and hopefully, convince those with whom I would like to collaborate.

Graphic Designer

I have been studying graphic design for five years. Many internships contributed to perfect my experience in the field, especially the one I did at So Graphiste Freelance in 2016. The company taught me  all the necessary knowledge to evolve professionally through its ability, its professionalism and the futur projects it vindicates.

Today, I am happy to be a part of this company and to participate to the achievement of its goals.

SO Graphiste Freelance
3, rue du Fossé, L-4123 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE
(+352) 691 312 933

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