In the past years, the web has become a leading and vital item of our everyday life. Therefore it is important that your company be on the web.

A web site should be designed in an optimum manner in terms of architecture, user-friendliness, not to mention e-marketing solutions (market survey, site positioning, social networks, customer loyalty, etc.). This is defined based on your market and the goals that you wish to reach.

Graphical designing, development, listing, hosting / domain names, upgrading… Your web site will be handled from creation to publishing, and a maintenance service provided, based on your needs.


E-mailing is one of the communication actions that are referred to as « direct marketing ». The purpose is to send an ad or newsletter by e-mail to a list of addresses selected in a database.

A study of the type of prospective customers to be targeted is first conducted, then comes the creation of a relevant graphical message, and the e-mail is then sent.


Initially used as a « pass-time », social networks have now become a communication tool in their own kind. However, their efficiency requires regular updates that take time, and unfortunately we do not always have time to dedicate. That is why your Facebook, Twitter, Likedln or other pages can be set up and managed by us, based on your specific instructions.

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