6 values, 1 guiding principle

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A flexible and direct service.

Projects are managed by a single contact person; this means that requests are handled more directly and efficiently, speeding the process up considerably.

We’re also flexible, adapting to each specific situation and ensuring that projects are delivered in the shortest possible turnaround time.



Available, and committed to our clients.

More than just a service provider, we’re a loyal partner that supports its customers with their graphic projects from start to finish, offering advice, expertise and greater availability.



Tailor-made services suited to your needs, while staying within your budget.

Depending on each customer’s individual preferences, services can be performed remotely or directly on site.
As such, fixed-price packages are offered: per day, per week, per month, or for longer periods.
Services out carried remotely can also be charged as a fixed price, in particular for repeat tasks.



Because each project is a new challenge, we put all our creative know-how at your disposal to make sure your project is unique.

No matter how big or small, we give every project the same attention, and pay special focus to creating designs that are in keeping with our clients’ ideas.


Long-term partnerships

The trust and commitment of a long-term creative collaboration.

Our goal is to foster customer loyalty through a close and trusted relationship, which helps us better understand their needs and produce high-quality work that meets their expectations.



Knowing how to transform a complex situation into a new positive opportunity

Extend your activities to adapt to unforeseen situations in order to benefit your customers and suppliers.


Sophie Ensel

Graphic Designer

I embarked on this adventure a little over 7 years ago as a freelance graphic designer. Thanks to an increase in projects and the trust placed in me by my clients, I was able to create a new company: SO Graphiste.

Then, Audrey Weiss, graphic designer, joined me and we have our graphic studio in Esch-Belval.

Sharing the same values and love for our profession, we work with dedication, determination and care, aiming to keep our clients happy and, hopefully, win over those we’d like to work with.


Audrey Weiss

Graphic Designer

Joining SO Graphiste has given me the chance to put my learning into practice and develop my industry knowledge, specifically in two areas that are close to my heart: illustration and motion design.

Since this adventure began back in 2018, I’ve been gaining experience and independence every day, while constantly developing my expertise.


Wendy Untersinger

Graphic Designer

I was lucky enough to join SO Graphiste shortly after being awarded my Masters in Graphic Design. Being part of a friendly and professional team motivates and drives me to give the best of myself. I also share SO Graphiste’s love of illustration and motion design, because they let me express my creativity to the fullest.



Mascot and receptionist

I’m a trusty four-legged fur ball, and I support the team by making them laugh with my cute little face, and by snoozing peacefully at their side while they work tirelessly over hours of intensive creation!
But what I love more than anything is greeting clients and suppliers: I always give them a very special welcome!

…But it’s better to hear it from the clients themselves…

‘’Knowing that the deadline will be respected even if short notice leaves great peace of mind. On top, I know quality will be assured too. I am very happy to work with So Graphiste and hope to see this small team grow in the future and get even more opportunities to impact companies!’’

Luisa MARCHINA, Marketing & Corporate Communication Manager – LuxProvide

We have worked with SO Graphiste for several years and it is always a real pleasure. I particularly appreciate their responsiveness and creativity. Sophie and her team are forever adding new strings to their bow in order to keep abreast of industry trends and the needs of the client. They regularly take on our projects, regardless of scale, and their ability to listen and positive attitude know no bounds. We wanted to mark Luxembourg’s National Day 2021 with a festive, person-centred campaign to warm the heart of every Luxembourg resident amid the restrictions linked to the health crisis. We were offered a whole host of proposals, any of which would have fitted the bill. It was easy for us to convince the various stakeholders. I would like to thank Sophie, Audrey, Anastasia and Isis again for a great collaboration.

Marion NOVIEL, Head of Advertising & Brand – BGL BNP Paribas

I’ve been working with the agency SO Graphiste for several years. This year, we worked together on an innovative B-student campaign and the setting up of a competition. The agency showed creativity and originality in the creation of the visuals. What I appreciate about SO Graphiste is their great reactivity, their creative spirit, their ability to quickly understand my needs and, on top of that, a team that always keeps smiling!

Manon STAB, Marketing Officer – BIL

The Chamber of Commerce has worked with SO Graphiste for a number of years. The agency has always understood what we were looking for and responded with immense efficiency and professionalism. Their work is always delivered on time and on budget. We have an excellent relationship with Sophie Ensel. She is deeply committed to her work and always treats our projects as her own. She knows how to inspire the same enthusiasm in her team and has managed to maintain quality standards while developing the agency. We have never been disappointed.

Catherine MOISY, Communication & Marketing Advisor – Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg